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An interestingly different Lesser Spotted Woodpecker nesting season so far. The birds were active as usual in early spring but many seem to have delayed egg laying, perhaps due to the cold weather in April.

Two nests have almost the latest 'first egg dates' in our data set, 15th May. In previous years the birds have started laying on about 28th April

 LesserSpotNet volunteers are watching 12 nests, and we expect more to be found now that adults are starting to feed the young and become more visible again. 

Sadly two nests failed at hatching. this is a very vulnerable time for the nest as the chicks are tiny and need to be brooded by the adults. 

In Norfolk, two nests are being observed, at both the adults are feeding the young. The New Forest nests are still at the incubation stage.

Please continue to look out for LSW feeding young and let us know if you find a nest so we can monitor it to help to understand why the breeding success of Lesser Spots is so low.

LSW RichardJacobs leftcolLesser Spotted Woodpecker by Richard Jacobs 2019 LSW TimPreston 256Lesser Spotted Woodpecker © Tim Preston

Don't confuse juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers with male Lesser Spots - they both have red caps!

Dont confuse your woodpeckers

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