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A Chichester Natural History Society volunteer project to monitor bats in the Chichester area,

co-ordinated by Ken and Linda Smith. Our bat monitoring project is up and running and we are looking for more volunteers to host the bat detector in their garden or other suitable location, for a couple of nights from now until the autumn. This page shows the diary for the deployment of the automatic bat detector and the dates when it is available to be borrowed.

You would nornmally collect the kit from us, we live in Chichester/Lavant, (but we can bring it to you by arrangement).

The equipment is very simple to operate, all you do is put it out in your garden for 2 or 3 nights. It comprises a microphone sensitive to bat ultrasound, which is mounted on a 12ft plastic pole and connected to the detector box Bat kit 250 on the ground. As the bats fly over their sounds are recorded and stored on a memory card. The detector station is left out unattended overnight for two or three nights. When you return the equipment Ken will extract the data and transfer it to his computer for analysis by specialist software to reveal which bat species were detected in your garden.

More details in the instruction leaflet

Twelve locations have been monitored so far and the results are exceeding our expectations. At least two species of bats, common and soprano pippistrelles, have been detected at each place. At two locations eight species were indicated, but these will need to be confirmed by our bat experts.

We plan to place the bat detector overnight at as many suitable locations as possible in Chichester and surrounding area. This will give an insight into the species present in the area and their distribution. We will show the results on a map on this page once enough sightings have been confirmed

If you are able to host the bat detector for a few nights in your garden or elsewhere please get in touch with the project co-ordinators, Ken and Linda Smith, contact details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01243 786079.

More details of the project see Chichester Natural Hisory Society website


25-28 April - out in East Wittering

3-7 May - out in Chidham

8-14 May - out in Middleton-on-sea

18-21 May out in Bognor

23-25 May out in north Chichester

25-28 May out in Chichester (hospital area)

29-30 May - out in Lavant

31 May - 3 June - out at Runcton

4- 7 June - out in Whyke, Chichester

8-11 June out at Slindon

12-15 June - out at Chidham (Maybush Copse)

16-19 June - out in Aldwick

20 - 23 June - out in Funtington

24 - 25 June available

26 - 29 June - out in West Wittering

30 June - 3 July - out in Oving road area, Chchester

4 - 7 July out in Barnham

8 - 11 July out in south Chichester city

12 - 15 July out in Summersdale, Chichester

16 - 19 July out in Parklands area, Chichester

20 - 23 July out in Funtington area 

24 - 27 July out in Middleton-on-sea

28 - 31 July out in Yapton

1 - 31 August - all dates available

1 - 4 September out in West Wittering

5 - 30 September - all dates available

1 - 31 October - all dates available


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